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Frequently Asked Questions

Decorative Mouldings

Crown & Cornice Mouldings

Combination Moulding Ideas

Companion  Mouldings

Chair Rail & Frieze Mouldings

Inside & Outside Corner Moulding

Centreflex™ Radius Moulding

Formaflex™ Contour Moulding

Decorative Wall Accents

Wall Niches

Door & Window Surrounds

Pilasters, Plinths & Capitals

Panel  Moulding & Framing Corners


Rosettes & Decorative Accessories

Stair Brackets

Decorative Ceiling Accents

Decorative Ceiling Rims

Ceiling Domes

Ceiling Medallions



Technical Information

Installation Instructions

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 Crown & Cornice Mouldings  

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 Crown & Cornice Mouldings (continued...)  

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 Crown & Cornice Mouldings (continued...)   Combination Moulding Ideas                         Back to Top
 Companion Moulding  Chair Rail & Frieze Mouldings                                  Back to Top
 Chair Rail & Frieze Mouldings (continued...)   Includes Inside/Outside Corners  Flex Mouldings      Back to Top
 Wall Niches  Door & Window Surrounds                                         Back to Top
 Pilasters, Plinths & Capitals  Panel Mouldings & Framing Corners                     Back to Top
 Panel Mouldings & Framing Corners (continued...)  Corbels                                                                                 Back to Top
 Rosettes & Decorative Accents  Stair Brackets & Ceiling Rims                                    Back to Top
 Ceiling Domes

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 Ceiling Medallions  

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 Ceiling Medallions (cont...)  Technical Information  

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